Ease of Access

Simply open up the appropriate waterRIDE project and your data is at your fingertips.

Purpose Built

waterRIDE is a purpose built floodplain and flood emegrneyc management tool. No more compromises using standard GIS packages.


Advanced indexing and data access routines make accessing your flooding data incredibly fast, not matter the size.


Integrate your flooding data with your spatial and asset data for true insight into how flooding affects your organisation.

waterRIDE FLOOD is a purpose built floodplain management support system. Based on the one waterRIDE time varying GIS environment, it supports the results of any 1D or 2D flood model. With its intuitive interface, accessing model results has never been easier.

Not technical? No worries.

In essence, waterRIDE's role is to help in the understanding of flood behaviour (for both technical and non-technical people) by allowing users to “get at” and interrogate their model results, and integrate them with GIS datasets to help determine “what do they mean?”.

All this without needing to be a flood modeller, nor even have the flood model software available.

Your flooding data has never been easier to access.

The capabilities of waterRIDE extend far beyond those of a simple hydraulic model results viewing application. waterRIDE is designed to enhance the understanding and communication of hydraulic modelling, as well as facilitate decision making by providing targetted flood intelligence through seamless integration of modelling results with GIS datasets.

Floodplain/Emergency Management Specific

waterRIDE contains a vast array of specialised tools to allow you to convert your flooding data into usable information.

Tools to determine flood planning levels, create automated flood certificates, calculate flood damages, refine and merge overlpapping model results, smooth flood surfaces and extents, change flood hazards, and extract hydrographs are just a few of these dedicated tools.

Key Features

  • Interactive animations (not just AVI files)
  • Easy access to, and interrogation of, any flood model results in live GIS (level, depth, hazard, velocity, velocity vectors, VxD, energy, Froude, bed shear, unit stream power etc)
  • Time series, profile, and flow plots at any location(s) in the model results, including locations defined in external GIS files (eg cross sections)
  • Mapping to finer scale terrain models (DEM’s)
  • Time based analysis (time to inundation, duration of inundation, threshold and Boolean queries, isolated areas)
  • “Peak” parameter display including “peak of peaks” from multiple model results
  • Flood damage calculations
  • Automated flood certificates (LIMS/PIMS) / property searches
  • Integration with GIS (eg evacuation route closure, depth over floor, hazard at properties/facilities etc)
  • Flood forecasting (eg what does 13.0m at the gauge look like? Who does it impact? When are they impacted? etc)
  • Automated Flood Planning Area (Flood Sensitive Area) determination (eg 100yr plus 0.5m freeboard)
  • Dynamic grid surface smoothing
  • Exporting to GIS
  • Highly visual environment ideal for community education
  • waterRIDE™ FLOOD Viewer allows access to a waterRIDE™ project with minimal (none) training requirements – perfect for sharing data across an organisation
  • Standard waterRIDE™ linking to external datasets 

waterRIDE Licensing Options

waterRIDE FLOOD Viewer 

Providing read-only access to your waterRIDE projects, Viewer is an excellent way to share and interrogate flooding information across the organisation with little (none) training.

waterRIDE FLOOD Manager

Fully featured interrogation, analysis, processing, manipulation and configuration of your flooding datasets, Manager is the heart of any waterRIDE installation. Manager creates the projects that are so easily accesed in Viewer.

waterRIDE DATA Manager

The complete tool for managing your flooding datasets including QA, versioning, rollback, archiving, time-hisytory, single point of truth, data/catchment overlap, consistency and levels of detail.


Completely centralised on-prem, on your cloud or hosted by us, waterRIDE CLOUD expands your flooding data to new horizons. 

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