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No matter where you are, just logon and access your flooding data.


From fully hosted and managed to on-premise, our installation options give you the ultimate in flexibility


Powerful, centralised servers give you unparalleled access to your datasets, no matter the size.


Opt for our waterRIDE as a Service (WaaS) offering and we'll look after everything for you. Just log on and your data is ready to use.

Enjoy fast, easy and centralised access to your flooding datasets with waterRIDE CLOUD, straight from your browser.

Our newest product lets you work online so you can help communities manage flood risks, wherever you are.

Having your flooding data on the cloud lets you access it faster and respond to flood situations in a more agile way.

You can also share specific flood data with external parties, resulting in quicker mitigation actions, less harm to flood-affected communities and seamless data sharing.
What’s more, we’ve released our new “managed data” service offering, so you can either process your raw data yourself, or we can do it for you. Easy.

It's waterRIDE, but on the cloud

We’ve taken our classic waterRIDE solution to the cloud, giving you centralised access to your flooding datasets.

In a nutshell, this means that you’ve got the flexibility to share your data as widely as you want to. It means that you can work from home, with full waterRIDE functionality. And it also means that whatever is going on around the world, you can still provide the best in flood resiliency to your clients.  

Being on the Cloud makes your data even more usable

  • Moving to the could means you get more centralised access to your data, so you can make decisions quicker and with confidence.
  • It means you’ll be able to access waterRIDE CLOUD wherever you are. If you need to work from home, your flooding data will be there with you. 
  • Fully browser based, there are no end user installation requirements which means waterRIDE goes where you go.
  • And you’ll also be able to share specific flood data and insights externally. Need to get some information out to partners? No problem. Just share a time limited login link.
  • This data sharing could be with the general community, developers and consultants, external emergency response agencies, government agencies, or even insurance companies.
  • The centralised nature of waterRIDE CLOUD provides a ”single point of truth” leading to greater end user confidence.
  • Based on our “one waterRIDE” framework, you’ll get a truly rich web application experience.

Flexible Installation Options

Local Cloud

On premise solution. Installed onto one of your servers.

Customer Cloud

Hosted on a server on your existing cloud infrastructure. Cloud

Fully hosted by us. Just log in and go.

We also have our fully managed solution: WaaS

waterRIDE as a Service

What is it?

We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to sorting and managing your raw data, removing the complexity so that you can get on with your job.

Just send us a link to your new studies and you’ll receive a notification when your raw data is processed and ready in waterRIDE CLOUD.

We can take your new flood study datasets, do all the conversions and data processing, quality control, data history and overlap management, and return a clean dataset to you.

With waterRIDE CLOUD, you don’t need to be an expert at data management to get access to the best information. 

How does it work?

For an annual subscription fee, we will manage your waterRIDE prjects and flooding datasets on your behalf.

Once your datasets have been initially setup (existing users will likely not need this step), new datasets or addition requests are sent to us.

We use our waterRIDE DATA Manager module to process, prepare and manage the new datasets or requests and let you know when the changes have been incorporated into your waterRIDE projects.

You just then logon to the cloud and start using.

Also, if you have a DATA Manager subscription, you can access all of the DATA Manager features for your datasets.

What is covered?

• Import and convert new flooding datasets (eg a new flood study)
• Embed new flooding datasets into existing composite projects (eg an Automated Flood Certificates system)
• Manage overlap between datasets (mastergrids, clipping, transitioning, overlay) 
• Manage your waterRIDE projects (swapping layers, changing views, creating project templates etc)
• Updating datasets (eg cadastre, air photos etc)
• Manage flood layers: metadata, single point of truth, versioning, archiving, rollback, time history etc 
• Manage Enterprise configuration settings (common figure templates, hazards etc)
• Assist in user management 

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